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RULES OF THE ASSOCIATION 2015-01-17 13:58:51



1. The Association is called "Fotoferia Club".

2. The Association works on the basis of mere association in accordance with the provisions of the Act on Associations of 7 April 1989. 

3. Fotoferia operational area is worldwide.
4. The seat of Fotoferia Club is the city of Kolobrzeg.
5. Activities Fotoferia Club is based primarily on social work of its members.
6. Association receives funds for its activities from membership fees.



1 The aim of Fotoferia Club: 

a) promoting the development of photography
b) popularizing knowledge of photography among the general public.
c) promote, support and represent the interests of Fotoferia Club members and to protect their copyrights in the country and abroad.
d) promotion of photographic art in Poland and abroad by aspiration to obtain the patronage of FIAP  and PSA.
e) the acquisition of FIAP and PSA titles.
f) support of members of the Club in photographic competitions and salons held under the patronage of FIAP and PSA and clubs championships.
g) creating a space for exchange of information and experience between individuals and institutions concerned.

2. Fotoferia Club achieves its goals by:
a) organizing meetings,
b) cooperation with photo community website Fotoferia,
c) cooperation with individuals and institutions with similar objectives (local cultural centers, etc.)
d) to support actions for the promotion of photographic art in all its aspects,
e) organizing photographic competitions under the patronage of FIAP and PSA,
f) other actions meeting the rules objectives. 




1. An ordinary member is entitled to: 

- To elect and be elected to the Board Directory, if a candidate for member of the Board meets the requirements.
- Submit proposals on matters relating to the activities of the Association,
- Benefit from assistance and facilities of the Association in taking action consistent with the objectives of the Board Directory Regulations.
2. An ordinary member must:
- Adhere to rules and resolutions of the Association,
- Regularly pay membership fees,
- Actively participate in achieving the objectives of the Association,
- Participate in at least 10 competitions under the patronage of FIAP/PSA in any calendar year (the requirement to obtain title AFIAP).
3. An honorary member of the Association may be an individual merit for the development of a photography or a person with special achievements in the field of photography.
4. Appointment an honorary member must be done by  Board Directory.
5. An honorary member has the same rules as ordinary members.
6. An honorary member is required to comply with the regulations and resolutions of the Association.
7. Supporting member of the Association may be a person declaring the objectives of the Association, which wants to support its activities.
8.Supporting member is required to regularly meet declared statement in the signed declaration.
9. Termination of membership will be done by resolution of the Directory Board.
10. Remove from the list of members is in the case:
- Voluntary withdrawal from the Association,
- Automatic deletion from the list of members due to overdue membership renewal (two months after the deadline for contributions)
- Death of a member.
11. Foreclosure occurs when a member :
- Actions against the Association,
- Violations of the provisions of the regulations and resolutions of the Association,
- Commit an act of shameful,
12. Member shall be entitled to appeal within 14 days from the receipt of a resolution in writing.



1. Assets of the Association shall consist the membership fees given byordinary members and supporting members. 

2. The level of contributions is determined by the Board.
3. The Board is accredited to acquire, dispose of property  of the Association.



Amendments to the Rules and the decision on dissolution of the Association require a resolution of the Board.